Details for context layer: Real Estate Sales

To access data from this context layer, use the code: resales

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
mid C* Maponics boundary ID will vary by polygon product
sfr_sales Integer Total Number of Single Family Residence (SFR) Sales Last Quarter
sfr_vol Integer Total Dollar Amount of SFR Sales Last Quarter
sfr_avg Integer Average SFR Sale Price
sfr_med Integer Median SFR Sale Price
sfr_mrt_av Integer Average SFR First Mortgage
sfr_mrt_md Integer Median SFR First Mortgage
sfr_ltv_av Float Average SFR LTV
sfr_ltv_md Float Median SFR LTV
cnd_sales Integer Total Number of Condominium Sales Last Quarter
cnd_vol Integer Total Dollar Amount of Condominium Sales Last Quarter
cnd_avg Integer Average Condominium Sale Price
cnd_med Integer Median Condominium Sale Price
cnd_mrt_av Integer Average Condominium First Mortgage
cnd_mrt_md Integer Median Condominium First Mortgage
cnd_ltv_av Float Average Condominium LTV
cnd_ltv_md Float Median Condominium LTV
res_trend C*1 Overall trend for Residential Sales (U=Up, D=Down, F=Flat)
avg_trend C*1 Overall trend for Average Residential Sale Price (U=Up, D=Down, F=Flat)
turnover Float Percent of Turnover for SFRs in Last Quarter
velocity Integer Trend of total Residential sales between the last two quarters
cxt_relver C*7 Context Real Estate Sales Version
relver C*6 Maponics Boundaries Product Version

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