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Dataset details for: Canada Subdivisions

Dataset Code To Use: CSD

Current version: 122011

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
csduid C*7 Uniquely identifies a census subdivision (composed of 2-digit province/territory code, 2-digit census division code and 3-digit census subdivision code)
csdname C*100 The name provided by federal or provincial/territorial authorities
csdtype C*3 Census subdivisions are classified into 55 types according to designations adopted by provincial/territorial or federal authorities (follow link below for subdivision types)
pruid C*2 Uniquely identifies a province or territory
prname C*100 The province or territory name
cduid C*4 Uniquely identifies a census division (composed of the 2-digit province/territory code and the 2-digit census division code)
cdname C*100 The census division name
cdtype C*3 The type of census division (See below)
cmauid C*3 The census metropolitan area/census agglomeration area code is a 3-digit code that uniquely identifies each census metropolitan area/census agglomeration area in Canada
cmaname C*100 The name of the census metropolitan area or census agglomeration
sactype C*1 The Statistical Classification Area groups census subdivisions according to whether they are a component of a census metropolitan area, a census agglomeration, or a census metropolitan area or a census agglomeration influenced zone (see list below)
relver C*6 Census Release Date

Available Context Layers

This dataset has no associated context layers.

Available Methods