Geographic Data

Dataset details for: Carrier Routes

Dataset Code To Use: CR

Current version: 1.20.01

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
zipcrid C*9 9-digit carrier route ID (combination of the ZIP Code and the CR)
zip C*5 5-digit ZIP Code
cr C*4 4-digit carrier route code
name C*40 Postal Town Name, Primary
state C*2 State Abbreviation
statefips C*2 State FIPS Code
countyfips C*5 County FIPS code; this is the county the CR centroid falls in, not the county of the ZIP Code
lat Float Latitude of Carrier Route Centroid
lon Float Longitude of Carrier Route Centroid
totrescnt Integer Total count of residential deliveries in this route
mfdu Integer Total count of multifamily deliveries in this route; generally analogous to apartments
sfdu Integer Total count of single family deliveries in this route; generally analogous to homes
boxcnt Integer Total count of PO Box deliveries in this route
bizcnt Integer Total count of business deliveries in this route
relver C*8 Release version (e.g. 1.8.4)

Available Context Layers

Available Methods