Geographic Data

Dataset details for: Census MCDs

Dataset Code To Use: MCD

Current version: 1.17.1

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
statefp C*2 Current state FIPS code
stabbrev C*2 Current USPS state abbreviation
countyfp C*3 Current county FIPS code
stctyfips C*5 Concatenation of statefp and countyfp
cousubfp C*5 Current county subdivision FIPS code
cousubns C*8 Current county subdivision ANSI code
cosbidfp C*10 Current county subdivision identifier; a concatenation of current state FIPS code, current county FIPS code, and county subdivision code
name C*100 Current county subdivision name
lsad C*2 Current legal/statistical area description code
classfp C*2 Current FIPS 55 code
mtfcc C*5 MAF/TIGER feature class code
cnectafp C*4 Current combined New England city and town code
nectafp C*5 Current New England city and town area code
nctadvfp C*5 Current New England city and town area division code
funcstat C*1 Current functional status
relver C*8 Census release date

Available Context Layers

Available Methods