Geographic Data

Dataset details for: Maponics +Residential Boundaries

Dataset Code To Use: RESNA

Current version: 2.17.4

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
nid Integer Unique and permanent neighborhood ID number
neighborhd C*60 Current Neighborhood Name
ntype C*1 Residential area type: indicates Residential area ("R") only
country C*2 USA or Canada (CAN)
metro C*50 Metropolitan Area (general assignment defined by Maponics - not based on Census. E.g. Boston would include Boston, Cambridge...)
cenlat Float Latitude of Neighborhood Centroid
cenlon Float Longitude of Neighborhood Centroid
ncs_code C*8 Neighborhood Classification Code ("AA" chars complete, "BBCCDD" partial coverage).
parentnid Integer Neighborhood ID for parent neighborhood in Maponics Neighborhoods (if it exists)
relver C*8 Release version (e.g. 1.12.1)

Available Context Layers

Available Methods