Geographic Data

Dataset details for: Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries Europe

Dataset Code To Use: NBE

Current version: 1.16.1

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
nid Integer Unique and permanent neighborhood id number
neighborhd C*60 Current Neighborhood Name
city_e C*40 City name - English Spelling (ex. Munich)
city_n C*40 City name - Native Spelling (ex. München)
metro_e C*40 Regional area encompassing multiple cities - English Spelling (ex. Milan )
metro_n C*40 Regional area encompassing multiple cities - Native Spelling (ex. Milano )
cntrysub_e C*40 Country Subdivision Name - English Spelling (ex. Burgundy)
cntrysub_n C*40 Country Subdivision Name - Native Spelling (ex. Bourgogne)
cntry_e C*40 Country Name - English Spelling (ex. France)
cntry_n C*40 Country Name - Native Spelling (ex. France)
cntryabbr C*3 Country ISO Abbreviation (ex. FR, CZ)
lid C*3 Language ISO 639-3 Abbreviation (ex. deu, nld)
cenlat Float Latitude of Neighborhood Centroid
cenlon Float Longitude of Neighborhood Centroid
color Integer Numeric value for colorization in a map, so that adjacent neighborhoods have different colors
ncs_code C*8 Neighborhood Classification Code ("AA" chars complete, "BBCCDD" partial coverage)
release C*10 Product Version (ex. 1.9.3)

Available Context Layers

This dataset has no associated context layers.

Available Methods