Geographic Data

Dataset details for: Maponics Public Schools

Dataset Code To Use: SPU

Current version: 1.19.4

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
mx_id C*30 Maponics ID (ex. TX-PLANO-99999-TX-PB123456)
nces_disid C*7 NCES School District ID (ex. 5007530)
nces_schid C*12 NCES School ID (ex. 500753000300)
district C*85 District Name
sch_name C*85 School Name
ed_level C*3 Level or levels of education served by school (P=Primary, and/or M=Middle, and/or H=High, or O=Other - mixed grades)
sch_type C*1 Type of School (C=Charter, M=Magnet, A=Alternative, R=Regular, I=Indian, L=Military, U=Unknown)
mail_addr C*60 Mailing Address
mail_city C*40 Mailing City
mail_state C*2 Mailing State
mail_zip C*5 Mailing ZIP
phone C*10 Telephone Number
location C*60 Physical Address
loc_city C*40 Physical City
loc_state C*2 Physical State
loc_zip C*5 Physical ZIP
lat Float Latitude of school location
lon Float Longitude of school location
relver C*6 Product Version (ex. 1.11.1)

Available Context Layers

Available Methods