Geographic Data

Dataset details for: Maponics School District Boundaries

Dataset Code To Use: SCD

Current version: 1.19.4

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
mx_id C*30 Maponics ID (ex. TX-PLANO-99999)
nces_disid C*7 NCES School District ID (ex. 5007530)
suprv_id C*3 Supervisory Union ID (ex. 032)
distname C*85 School District Name
distwbsite C*254 School District Website URL
dist_type C*1 School District Type (U=Unified, E=Elementary, S=Secondary)
dist_schs C*4 Number of Schools within District (see note below)
dist_enrl C*9 School District Student Enrollment (see note below)
coextensiv C*4 Coextensive Boundary (COEX) - if school attendance zone equals school district boundary
color Integer Numeric value for display colorization, so that no two adjacent school districts have the same color
state C*2 State Name
statefips C*2 State FIPS code
relver C*6 Product Version (ex. 1.11.1)

Available Context Layers

Available Methods