Geographic Data

Dataset details for: Maponics Subdivision Boundaries

Dataset Code To Use: SDV

Current version: 1.15.2

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
sdv_id Integer Unique Maponics subdivision ID
sdv_name C*60 Primary name of the subdivision
sdv_alt1 C*60 First alternate name of subdivision
sdv_alt2 C*60 Second alternate name of subdivision
place C*100 Census Incorporated Place or Census Designated Place that contains the Subdivision Boundary
placecode C*7 Census FIPS Code
po_name C*60 Post Office name of subdivision's dominant zip code
country C*3 USA
state C*2 State Abbreviation
statefips C*2 State FIPS code
county C*100 County Name
countyfips C*5 County FIPS code
mcd C*100 Census MCD "township" Name
mcdfips C*5 Census MCD FIPS code
cbsa C*100 Core-Based Statistical Area (Metropolitan Statistical Area) code
cbsacode C*5 CBSA FIPS code
cbsatype C*5 MICROpolitan or METROpolitan Statistical Area Designation
cenlat Float Latitude of Subdivision centroid
cenlon Float Longitude of Subdivision centroid
color Integer Numeric value for colorization in a map, so that adjacent subdivisions have different colors
release C*10 Product release number

Available Context Layers

Available Methods