Geographic Data

Dataset details for: Zip +4 Points

Dataset Code To Use: Z4

Current version: 11710

Available Fields

Retrievable AttributeData TypeField Description
zip C*5 5-digit ZIP Code from the U.S. Postal Service
plus4 C*4 Plus 4 ZIP Code Extension
update_key C*10 Foreign key after expansion of raw USPS data
rec_type C*1 Record type code (G=General Delivery, H= Highrise, F=Firm, S=Street, P=PO Box, R=Rural Route)
cr C*4 4-Digit USPS Carrier Route ID
st_pdirect C*2 Street pre-direction abbreviation (ex. N=North, NW=Northwest, S=South, SE=Southeast or blank for none) (ex. 789 S Central Street) (Field may be largely blank)
st_name C*28 Street name
st_suffix C*4 Street Suffix Abbreviation (ex. RD=Road, AVE=Avenue, CIR=Circle) (See Street Suffix Table for all abbreviations)
st_directp C*2 Street post-direction abbreviation (ex. N=North, NW=Northwest, S=South, SE=Southeast, or blank for none) (ex. 789 Central Street NW) (Field may be largely blank)
addr_low C*11 Primary low number in address range
addr_high C*11 Primary high number in address range
odd_even C*1 Address, primary odd/even code (O=Odd, E=Even, B=Both)
firm C*40 Building or Firm Name (Field may be largely blank)
sec_address C*4 Address secondary abbreviation (for record types F, H) (Field may be largely blank)
sec_low C*8 Address, secondary low number (Field may be largely blank)
sec_high C*8 Address, secondary high number (Field may be largely blank)
sec_oddeven C*1 Address, secondary odd/even code (Field may be largely blank)
sector_low C*2 ZIP sector low number
segment_low C*2 ZIP segment low number
sector_high C*2 ZIP sector high number
segment_high C*2 ZIP segment high number
base_alt C*1 Base alternate code
lacs_code C*1 LACS status code converted (Field may be largely blank)
govt C*1 Government building indicator (Field may be largely blank)
finance C*6 Finance number
state C*2 State abbreviation (ex. TX)
county_fips C*5 5-digit County FIPS
congress C*2 Congressional district number
urbctystkey C*6 Urbanization city state key (Field may be largely blank)
prefctystkey C*6 Preferred last line city state key
blockgroup C*12 Census block group code (state, county, tract and block group codes)
centlat Float Latitude of ZIP+4 Centroid
centlon Float Longitude of ZIP+4 Centroid
z9 C*9 9-digit full ZIP (combination of the 5-digit ZIP and the 4-digit plus4 extension)

Available Context Layers

This dataset has no associated context layers.

Available Methods