Communication with the API is done by calling a method, with associated parameters. Methods allow you to tell the API what spatial search you want to perform and what data you want to return. Broadly speaking when deciding which method is appropriate for your needs, you should consider these two questions:

  1. What data do I have?
  2. What data do I want?

This is reflected by the method list on the left.

For example, if the data you have contains a lat/lon coordinate pair and you wanted to see what could be retrieved using that, you would expand the By Search Type section, and then the By Coord section to see what methods are available that accept a lat/lon coordinate pair as input. Then, by examining each method, you would be able to see which one returned the data you want.

Alternatively, if you have various types of input data available to you, but you (for example) are looking for the specific name of a polygon, you could expand the By Return Type section and then the GetGeoName section and you would be able to see what input fields are required to return the name of a polygon.