Method detail for: getUsageThisPeriod

This method does not require any parameters and simply returns your usage count of the API for the last day, week and month. It also returns the total usage of the API from the start of your account.

This method does not require a dataset, and cannot be batched with any other methods. This method also requires no parameters.

Valid Datasets

This method has no valid datasets that it can be used with.

Sample Request and Return Data

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <data> <auth> <loginname>your_username</loginname> <key>your_api_key</key> </auth> <request> <dataset></dataset> <method>getUsageThisPeriod</method> <count>false</count> <returnType>xml</returnType> <parameters> </parameters> </request> </data>
{ "data":{ "auth":{ "loginname":"your_username", "key":"your_api_key" } }, "request":[ { "dataset":"", "method":"getUsageThisPeriod", "count":"false", "returnType":"json", "parameters":"" } ] }
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <data> <resultcode>0</resultcode> <message>Return OK</message> <requestid>01-1235</requestid> <request> <item> <client_id>3</client_id> <count_daily>0</count_daily> <count_weekly>0</count_weekly> <count_monthly>0</count_monthly> <count_forever>143</count_forever> </item> </request> </data>
[ { "resultcode":0, "message":"Return OK", "requestid":"01-1482" }, [ { "client_id":"3", "count_daily":"113", "count_weekly":"113", "count_monthly":"122", "count_forever":"265" } ] ]